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Madeline McBride and Sam Yesberg
Aidelyz R and IDK Yet
Laura Gattuso and Daniel Younkerssparta, Nj07871
Matthew Perry-Giblin and Alicia Yerger
maria jones and andrew yonnetti
Dakotta Owen and Xīn Yí
Madison Yard and Brandon Caviness
Joanna Yang and Benjamin Wu
Naomi Young and Taylor Leos
Spencer Margaret Schieber and Jacky Yu
Kerry Jacobson and Shaun Yoder
Jocelyn Payne and Cameron Yeoman
Jenna Yazzolino and Tyler Wells
Daniele Carnessali and Nathan Yost
Sara Dias and Tiago Yunes
Lacee Yokley and Robert DiazMeeced, Ca
Caitlin Crouse and Tyler Young
Joanna Yang and Benjamin Wu
Paige Blanchette and Andrew YarnellTAMPA, FL
Kianna Yancey and Thomas Smith
Margaret Rhoney and Eric Young
Jessica Yanes and Thomas MedelJessica Yanes and Thomas MedelHouston, Texas
Megan Yaeger and Tyler Estes
Kaylie Yingling and Edgar Ayala
Jessica Peterson and Dimitri YouseSpring Hill, Fl
Tyler League and Keli YoungTyler League and Keli Young
Heather Jones and Dillon Yates
Elena Yonika and Dominic Mahn
Katy Yell and James White
Kiara Yough and Aaron WeltnerKiara Yough and Aaron WeltnerState College, Pennsylvania
Bri Murphy and Brett Yarnall
DeeDee Yamaguchi and Zane Cope
Victoria Young and Jacob HuffVictoria Young and Jacob HuffGastonia, NC
Emma Yager and Emma Yager
Taylor Yerk and Michael Martinkobethlehem, pa
Yazmin Yanez and Ebelson Omar Funez Funez
Kayleigh Young and Sam PackerKayleigh Young and Sam PackerGillingham, Kent
Sarah Speare and Ryan Young
Alexis Yearwood and Seth FradyClarkesville, Georgia
Karmen Seto and Tsz Hong Yip
James Yamazaki and Heather BjorkmanJames Yamazaki and Heather BjorkmanHuntsville, Alabama
Becky Heuser and Scott Young
Shaylee Guethlein and Anthony Yates
Jenny Youngberg and Conner Mackowiak
Kasara Yocum and Eddie GarciaLas Vegas, NV
Kaitlyn Yancey and Stephen DishingerKaitlyn Yancey and Stephen DishingerColumbus, Indiana
Sam Reynolds and Mackenzie YarberBristol, VA
Winnie Chua and Chen-Hsin YehThornhill, ON
Kayli Young and Wes Bryant
Blair Hornstine and Mang Yip

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