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Emily Izydorczak and Cecilia Jane
Camila Ivone González Medina and María Javiera Jaime ZuñigaSantiago, 0
Molly Johnson and James JohnsonMolly Johnson and James JohnsonKettering, OH
Alyssa Capin and Josh JuckerAlyssa Capin and Josh Jucker
Norah James and Bradley Koopen
Isabella de Vlieger and Noah JonesSurprise, WY
Patricia Calder and Devin Johns
Shuntoria Bryson and Dominique JohnsonShuntoria Bryson and Dominique Johnson
Brooklyn Jorgensen and Grant Rotner
Heather Jeans and Michael Jeans
Khila Shealy and Tate Journey
Breeze Anderson and Jesse Jacobs
Lizzi Slush and Kon Jon
Makaila Jackson and Gallant Shephard
Silas Winders and Mikaela Johnson
Alorra Wrigley and Dylan JenningsLas vegas, Nevada
Jessica Greene and Aakash Jani
Jill Triplett and Harold Jarreau
Megan Jennings and Kyle BarczakMegan Jennings and Kyle BarczakSteamboat Springs, CO
Kimberlee Giles and Hunter Jones
Patricia Jimenez and Rodolfo Hernandez
Sara Jones and John Anello
Georgia Hood and Connor Jayne
Valarie Jenkins and Justin Gonzales
Joshua Jenkins and Elizabeth Baker
Abbey Tiapula and Roro JohnsonAbbey Tiapula and Roro Johnson
Abbey Tiapula and Roselle JohnsonAbbey Tiapula and Roselle Johnson
Brin Jagielski and Joseph Bee
Jessica Jarvis and Alexander Copeland
Christine Jamieson and Derek Adamson
Samuel Cambridge and Paris Jennings
Tatiana Hurtado and Marlon JarquinColumbia, SC
Sunshine Johnson and Joshua MaerkerSunshine Johnson and Joshua Maerker
Caroline Wallace and Adam Johnson
Daisy Bush and Samuel Johns
McKenzie Woods and George Juengel
adrianna jaworsky and joel sherman
Alexandra Mazzotta and James Jacobsen
Stevan Jameson and Kori moore
Brooke Topping and John Jennett
Ashley Dullum and Joshua Jacobsen
Amanda-Rose Jones and Samuel Hester
Kelly Motta and Josh Jurotich
Hannah Jongkind and Nick PearishHannah Jongkind and Nick Pearish
Tianna Ellis and Grant Jamron
Brittany James and Jeremy James
Theresa Bradley and Allen Johnson
Derek Jones and Brittany WilliamsDerek Jones and Brittany WilliamsCrab Orchard, WV
Kathleen Davies and Alexxander JaydeBeausejour, MB
Catrina Johnson and Luke LynchMiddletown, CT

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