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Alexsia Gillespie and Jeffery Krupa
Connor Knapp and Amanda Fish
Jaymee-Leigh Kunsman LIster and Michael Lister
Gemma Mcgarrity and Jordan Kimmet
Megan Kellogg and Carson Kellogg
Bree Bergeron and Luke Kelleher
Jess Pyne and Michael KulpBethlehem, PA
Mackenzie Chretien and bre k
Deena Furman and Harrison KinardDeena Furman and Harrison KinardLas Vegas, NV
Diane Furnan and Harrison KinardSpringfield, MO
Norah James and Bradley Koopen
Lisa Kelliher and Cameron Ramos
Katerina KARASOULAS and Henry BrennanEscondido, CA
Audra Weatherly and Mikey KoppAudra Weatherly and Mikey Kopp
Julie Dayton and Koby Kishnois
Emily Kardos and Justin Stewart
Andrea Mroczek and adam knuthAndrea Mroczek and adam knuthtallahassee, fl
Melinda Lotspeich and Martin Kay
Sabrina Senn and Casey Kershner
Tonya Kirkpatrick and Freddie BatesTonya Kirkpatrick and Freddie Bates
Julia Kolesar and Julia Kolesar
Krysta Johnson and Jonathan KingMebane, NC
Emma Kinkead and Caleb Pope
Andrew Kisilywicz and Liana RivelliWest Warwick, RI
Charlotte Kenny and Benjamin MartinSHEFFIELD, South Yorkshire
Ruth Kromer and Zachary Blanchard
Jessica Keno and Jammaro Jackson
Ethan Knisley and Kylie Foos
Kayla Kirk and Shane Ausset
Kayla Kujak and Zack Som
Braxtyn Maroney and Austin Kaylor
Hailey Poole and Bobby Koons
Alexa Logsdon and Tyler Kreitzer
Charissa Fox and Josh Kirk
stephanie Markel and christian Killmanstephanie Markel and christian KillmanHampstead, Maryland
Megan Klauka and Donald Kraft
Ashley Hart and Natasha Kanouse
Danielle Kramer and Daniel Voss
Grace Alvey and Jarrad Kiser
Katrina Kanzari and Brenden Barger
Samantha Kolb and Marcus Wills
Andrew Vanderhout and Breanna KehoeAndrew Vanderhout and Breanna KehoeSt. Catharines, Ontario
Jessica Key and Gabriel Utterback
Paige Budin and Anthony Koonshorsham, PA
Sydney Kawa and Jordan SteneSydney Kawa and Jordan Stene
Kory King and Michael Livelsberger
Pamela King and Samuel King
Gillian Knight and Tyler Kilburn
Alexandra Eucker and Matthew KunzNorth Olmsted, OH
Brianna Guest and Eric Kimball

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