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jerica clarke and Oben Afful
Susly Garcia and Abraham AlvaradoFullerton, California
Clarissa Nicassio and Dallas Arnold
Cameron Barron and Cerian Archer
Cindy Guerrero and Juan Auza
Chante Green and Jacob Alexander
Madison Gravert and Connor Alt
Kristin Allen and Lee Alsted
Kenzie Bowes and Jon Adelsberger-Fletcher
Megan Gillespie and Ryan AshMegan Gillespie and Ryan AshCharleston, Illinois
Emily DiBella and Josh Auger
Michela Anderson and Donnovan Martin
Adrianne Aulenbach and Timothy Wounderly
Mandy Bond and Connor Anderson
Tatiana Nguyen and Peter AsaadTatiana Nguyen and Peter Asaad
Alana Webber and Trevor Adcock
Sarah Adams and Cassie LynchFederal Heights, CO
Virgilio Andrade and Tamara Andrade
Stephon Washington and Mariha Andreu-washington
Noah Hudson and Kelsey Appl
Alyssa Allen and Jocelyn Hart
Helena Alessi and Joshua Nieves
Brenda Arteaga and Daniel Valido
Rebecca Costa and Michael Amaral
Krystal Medina and Dakota Arnold
Alyia Eilers and Eliana ArmendaFort Worth, Tx
Amanda Applegate and Rocco Mellott
Kayla Kirk and Shane Ausset
Elizabeth Anderson and Philip Wadell
Arelys Alfonso and Gianfranco Barrasso
Ashley Acker and Ted Wirchnianski
Racheal Pearce and Cody Allen
SissyGracie AbDiel and Bobby Sappington
Savannah Avila-Moreno and Spiero Jojola
Leasa Hazen and Yvette ArteagaLeasa Hazen and Yvette Arteaga
Amber Abraham and Michael Pylypas
Roberta Anderson and Philip Taylor
Sydney Parus and Donivan AbrahamEugene, Oregon
Grace Alvey and Jarrad Kiser
Katie Davis and Matt Arcuri
Emily Aguilar and Angel Parra
Deana Naja and Travis AlvarezDeana Naja and Travis Alvarez
Linda Guerrero Roche and Seth AdamsLinda Guerrero Roche and Seth Adams
Georgia Townsend and Joseph Amos
Stephanie Acreman and Sean Cooney
Amy Addington and Dustin Cushman
Brianna Curran and Jose Angon JrBrianna Curran and Jose Angon Jr
Krystal Ambriz and Gavin FilarskiKrystal Ambriz and Gavin Filarski
Alyia Eilers and Eliana ArmendaFort Worth, Tx, TX
Katlynn Hunt and Clayton AllenKatlynn Hunt and Clayton AllenTROUTDALE, Oregon

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