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Connor Knapp and Amanda Fish
Jessica Poley and Justin Foran
Laurin Furlong and Zachary Eastman
Casey Fisher and Tyler Fisher
Shane Fadigan and Anezka Riley
Sabrina Del Rey and Erick Frederick
Soleil La Forté and Aaron Fichera
Stephanie Russo and Lori FazioHaverhill, MA
Deena Furman and Harrison KinardDeena Furman and Harrison KinardLas Vegas, NV
Diane Furnan and Harrison KinardSpringfield, MO
Morgan Fleming and Todd Nix
Vanessa Fideline and Seibren ThiergoodVanessa Fideline and Seibren Thiergood
Michaela Frost and Samuel Harris
Bianca Ferreira and Werner Ferreira
Nicole Berni and Anthony Fazio
Eamon Rock and Adele FrielloSCHOHARIE, NY
Jillian Fiedler and Paul Civitello
Dalton Fontenot and Sarah SommersDalton Fontenot and Sarah SommersRagley, LA
Hailey Furanna and Ryan GilmerHailey Furanna and Ryan Gilmer
Abby Ford and Austin Weber
Kanane Schultz and AshLee Fiedler
Hailee French and Matthew LewandaHailee French and Matthew Lewanda
Mallory Escobedo and Benjamin Flippin
Ruby French and Trenton French
Miranda Fiore and Matthew LevulisNiagara Falls, NY
Amanda Cicchetti and Andrew Foronjy
Samantha Fowler and Matthew Fowler
Sarah Paterson and Emma FosterSarah Paterson and Emma Foster
Ethan Knisley and Kylie Foos
Ben Byrne and Emily Fox
Lilly Fix and Akiko Fix
Charissa Fox and Josh Kirk
Ella Forster-smith and Gage Greenaway
Josephine Forker and Juan CruzHamilton, Nj
David Freire and Alicia Zambrano
Alexandra Ferrero and Andrew Ferrero
Anna Forte and Stephen Gaiero
Allison Fisher and Tyler Burtis
Krystal Ambriz and Gavin FilarskiKrystal Ambriz and Gavin Filarski
Stephanie Cross and Earl FoxStephanie Cross and Earl FoxSedro-Woolley, WA
Rachel Fischer and Anthony Fischer
Jilly Stoltz and Richard Foss
Desiree Fontes and Steven Ornelas Jr
Jacqueline Fleischer and Lucas Gardner
Brittany Fritsch and Alec Cervantes
Lindsay Franklin and Paul Dorothy
Edwin Manucy and Ahmed FathiOrlando, Florida
Annelise Faklen and Willian Morais
Amanda Farley and MaKayla Layne
Erin Carroll and Dylan Fox

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