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You can search for a couple by entering in the bride or groom's first and / or last name to find their honeymoon registry.

If you need help finding a couple you can call us toll free for assistance at 800-801-3493.

Jamie Soleil and Laura Lune
Laura Larson and Simon Clarkson
Linda Lafnear and Troy Lafnear
Soleil La Forté and Aaron Fichera
Jessica Simmons and Ronald Lawrence
Hailey Hanks and Tyler LohmanHailey Hanks and Tyler Lohman
Katlin Lepkowski and Dillan WilliamsKatlin Lepkowski and Dillan WilliamsElyria, OH
Luna Lovegood and Nevil Longbottom
Brittani Batross and Anthony Little
Tana Laga'aia and Georgia Herbert
Rebecca Lubbera and Jaiden Ortiz
Donalyn Lazara and Jerard Po
Norah Leeman and David CurryNorah Leeman and David CurrySan Francisco, CA
Morgynne Santos and Jose Lantigua
Leela Leve and Seth KimblerEaston, MD
Alessandra Loffreda and Stephen Orliw
Samantha Delucchi and Gabriel Lima
Melissa Ladd Patnode and Mike PariseauMelissa Ladd Patnode and Mike Pariseau
Angelique Lokeni and Lanutausala Toilolo
Hannah Lozano and Evan Hamilton
Jagger Cripe and Gabrielle LovisaMishawaka, IN
Madison Long and Nikkita Ratliff
Tyler chalmers and Kaylee Larson
Kelsey Marcellus and Kenney LewisKelsey Marcellus and Kenney LewisCumberland, Va
Toni Leslie and Eric RutherfordToni Leslie and Eric RutherfordChicago, Illinois
Melissa Maurer and Chance Lipscomb
Noushin Cooper and Isaac Lawson
morgynne santos and jose lantigua
Rafael Lores and Andrea Martinez
Becca Loudon and Sean Carrick
Kenneth Parks and Charity LiberKenneth Parks and Charity LiberPittsgrove, New Jersey
Serina Leonard and Christopher ChahwanFranklin, ma
Shawna Ladner and Korey LadnerOcean Springs, MS
Andrea Lopez and Pascal Slettenaar
Lee Leonard and Jon Farley
Tania Lopez and Justin Brooks
Emily-Grace Church and Victoria Latham
Hannah Wade and Kory Lytle
Natalie Llanes and Nicholas Rosello
Laura Brooks and Michael Langlois
Jessica Lacy and Sean Bailey
Amanda Keys and George LynkAmanda Keys and George LynkNapanee, ON
Natasha Walter and Karl Littlejohn
Christina Thompson and Markus Little
Erin Lowery and Maze Brian RogersErin Lowery and Maze Brian RogersBrandon, MS
Kaleb Lambeth and Stephen Harrison
Brittany Lynch and Joseph GraffBrittany Lynch and Joseph Graff
Jessica Lebsack and Jessica Lebsack
Boston Burton and Cody Lavoie
Brielle Thieme and Noah LienBrielle Thieme and Noah Lien

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