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Jacob Rowley and Jacob Puppa
Katherine Ruff and Cody Campbell
Savannah Ritter and Frank Edwards
Tabitha Ryerson and max haggart
Ernesto Rosales-Martinez and Raechel VieraErnesto Rosales-Martinez and Raechel VieraMedford, Oregon
Brittany Cooke and William Rogers
Cameron Price and Sitclaly Ramos
Aidelyz R and IDK Yet
Michelle Rutter and Marshal EysterWEATHERFORD, TX
Shane Fadigan and Anezka Riley
Aimee Richmond and Curtis Gibson
cassandra digiovanni and Cristian Ribeiro
Stephanie Russo and Lori FazioHaverhill, MA
Kaitlyn Reddick and James BarkwayKaitlyn Reddick and James BarkwayAberdeen, Saskatchewan
raquel berja and nathan rodriguez
Meghann Robern and Miriam RobernMeghann Robern and Miriam RobernWinnipeg, Manitoba
Katie Harris and William RussellRed Bay, AL
Rebecca Schenkelberg and Neil RutanRebecca Schenkelberg and Neil RutanPort Orchard, WA
Lisa Kelliher and Cameron Ramos
Amanda Rotondo and Unknow Unknow
Tessa Blyth and Michael Rohe
Madelyn Smith and Tony Romito
Kristen Romprey and Michael Muska
Mina Jackson and Brandon RamirezMina Jackson and Brandon RamirezCathedral City, California
Jordyn Ryman and Joshua Nading
brittney gordillo and victor Rodriguez
Veyra Luna and Adan Rayas
Megan Wilder and Jose Daniel RamirezMidland Park, NJ
Eamon Rock and Adele FrielloSCHOHARIE, NY
Madison Roberts and Joshua Crowe
Vasilia Lyras and Bobbylee Ruiz
Nick Roe and Nathan Padley
Kassandra Rivera and Joshua LaBohn
Sophie Beaumont and Declan ReynoldsLEEDS, LS - Leeds
Samantha Shaffer and Dylan Reed
Andrew Kisilywicz and Liana RivelliWest Warwick, RI
Kayla Dorer and Robert Rose
Elizabeth Reed and Jennifer Mokos
Hannah Rios and Daniel Purvis
Katie Stirling and Efren RazoReno, NV
Sara Connolly and Daniel RobyParkville, Maryland
Amanda Taylor and Nathaniel Roderick
Abigail Roseborough and Zachary Martin
Bill Crosby and Georgina Riley
Renee Rhodes and Grayson Herrod
Rachel Carter and Tucker Reed
Hayley Rodriguez and Liam LambCanton, MI
Aidelyne Rivero-Castro and Samuel Castro
Julio Robles and Becky Cote
Ashley Riesmeyer and Darrick Looze

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