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Sierra Crandall and Harley Crandall
Arianna Quezada and Henry Carter
jerica clarke and Oben Afful
Katherine Ruff and Cody Campbell
Cindy Coates and Brad Coates
Abigail Sheppard and Frederick Campbell
Julie Dibble and Ryan Collins
Brittany Cooke and William Rogers
Sadie Decker and Damien Carrelli
Kylie Day and darren clarke
Emily Silvers and Alex Carrera
Gabriella Chavez and Kyler Bishop
Amanda Callas and Otto J
Mackenzie Chretien and bre k
Amanda Cissner and Christopher Cissner
johneia crist and quincy williams
Tory Wright and Daniel ConnellDenver, Colorado
Camila Diaz and Eduardo Castillo
Scott Quinn and Lexi Carnell
Natalie Claufield and Adam DouglasNatalie Claufield and Adam DouglasSan Francisco, CA
Natalie Douglas and Adam CaufieldNatalie Douglas and Adam CaufieldLas Vegas, NV
Nora Lerman and David CurryNora Lerman and David CurryLas Vegas, NV
Rosy Carrillo and Sergio Gutierrez
Tori Creswell and Ryan DakeNew Carlisle, IN
Katherine Jochum and Omar CarloChesapeake, VA
Danyal Chisholm and TravisWendell, NC
Regina Deno and Chris Ciliberto
Katie Giebler and Chris CollaLos Altos, CA
Oliver Tennant and Kaison Curtis
Robert Cannon and Lawrence BruceRobert Cannon and Lawrence Bruceoakland, CA
Stefanie Coffey and Tracy Weistreich
Fiona Chia and Garrick Lou
Alexandria Hardin-Ehrlich and Justin Capers
Tara Cooke and Josh Weingartner
Chelsea Martinez and Tanner Carty
Cassandra Garrison and Anthony Conley-O'Donnell
ALIZHANN CUMMINS and Jason Cummins
Celeste Caron and Zackary Wilson
Jillian Fiedler and Paul Civitello
Grace Coffin and Juan Picazo
Jessie Curcio and Michael Trotta
Madison Roberts and Joshua Crowe
Jennie Perron and Matthew CampbellPortsmouth, NH
Kristen O’Brien and Emily Clem
Toni Craffey and Brian Payne
Scott Casson and Breanna GermainScott Casson and Breanna Germain
Morgan Carter and Jonathan Hagan
Kat Loukas and Joseph Creighton
Mason Palmer and Caitlyn CamposMason Palmer and Caitlyn CamposEuless, Texas
Rylee Pennington and Jeff CLemente

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