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I love telling our story! I could tell it everyday... to me, its the perfect love story. My dream come true. 

Joe and I met in our 5th grade class at Afton Elementary. He just moved to the area. I thought he was cute! But he was so quiet(even more than he is now!). We were friends all throughout our schooling, but never hung out. As the years passed, my crush grew and grew. I found myself occasionally taking the long way to class so i could see him and get a hug. Then in our senior year, we had gym together. It was our last class of the day. Afterwards, we would walk out to the buses together. Eventually we exchanged numbers. And after a while of texting, talking, and lots of flirting, we finally went on our first date! We saw a movie. Soon after, we graduated. Joe and I dated very casually for about two years until we decided to make things official in February of 2009. We've been inseparable since! 

On August 17, 2013 we arrived in New York City for a long weekend getaway. We spent our first day there in Soho, shoe shopping and having dinner at a delicious vegan restaurant. Joe said he wanted spend the rest of the evening in Times Square. We stopped in the hotel room to get changed and off we went. When we got to Times Square, Joe just stood there, looking around. Right in the center of all the action. It felt like we were standing there FOREVER. I remember saying to Joe, "I've never just stood here like this before. Its pretty." We continued to stand there.... Finally, Joe said he was ready. But he didn't go anywhere. He turned to me, took my hands in his, told me he loved me and couldn't imagine spending his life without me. He kissed me. Then he kissed me again. I started giggling, as it became clear what was happening. Joe then took a step back, dropped to one knee, pulled out a small box, opened it up, and asked me to marry him. YES! I said yes and started crying like a baby. Joe stood up and held me in his arms. For a moment, I forgot where we were. Then I heard the sound of people clapping and I was pulled back to Earth. Thousands of people all around us, clapping, whistling, and coming over to congratulate us. 

The rest of our trip, was absolutely pure bliss. I beamed with happiness! And every time I look down and see that beautiful ring on my finger, I get excited all over again! I get to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams! 

To be announced soon!! 

We'd like to take a second to say THANK YOU! 

To our parents... who have sacrificed so very, very much to give us the best life. You have done an amazing job by raising us to be such strong, independent, successful, compassionate, hardworking people. We couldn't be where we are without you! There aren't enough words to describe how grateful and appreciative we truly are. 

To our friends and family... your support and love throughout our relationship has helped see us through some rough times. We have an amazing support system and that is a great feeling, to know there will always be someone there for us whether we are going through flood, have the neighbors from hell, or are celebrating our accomplishments! You guys rock! We wouldn't trade y'all for anything!!!! 

To eveveryone.... Thank you for reading our story and coming along and this crazy and amazing journey with us!!!!!! We love you all!