Welcome to the Party
The Blog of Progress

     You would think Patrick and Ilyea have known each other for years; but they have only known each other for a smidge over ten years.

     Ilyea had been working at Barnes and Noble for a couple of years--being in the Music-DVD department the whole time; liking her little world.  Enter Patrick, one of the new kids in the store out working on the book floor.

     For a good few months, Patrick and Ilyea grew from co-workers to work-friends to friends and to, finally, a nerdy couple.

    Just like every awesome couple, Patrick and Ilyea had their ups and downs in their relationship.  Leaving Barnes and Noble for a better career choice in their lives, but eventually came with consequences in the long run.  Working on education, but unfortunately never getting the chance to complete it for opportunities of careers arise.  Even with the hardships of finance and education, Patrick and Ilyea were able to deal and bring their friendship and relationship closer.

     Due to quick and unfortunate events, Patrick and Ilyea had to speed the time up to move in together.  Luckily, something they wanted to do for quite some time.  There were tough times, but they made it through.  And with even better luck, Patrick and Ilyea gained an adorable cat who they named Agent Natasha Romanoff--AKA Natasha.

     With love for each other and taking pride of their furry baby, Patrick and Ilyea are ready to take the big plunge of adulthood--the joining of their love and lives in nerdy matrimony with a big mouse bow to make it pretty.