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Here you can find out some of the details of our wedding party:

Hannah Evans

Hannah met Sarah at dance class when they were 4 years old (although they didn't really talk until secondary school!) Hannah is married to Matt the Master of Ceremonies and they had their first baby, a girl called Mila, on 4th October 2012. Hannah works a surgical nurse and has been a big help with the wedding and hen do planning!!

Hayley Beaver

Hayley and Sarah met at secondary school and share the same, stupid sense of humour! Hayley lives in Bristol, is married to Rob who is a magician and she works as a Radiographer (as well as the person Rob tries out new tricks on - hopefully she'll still be in one piece on the day of the ceremony!)

Liz Walsh

Liz first met Luke when they lived together at University. She's witnessed his blue hair phase and his lip ring phase and still remained his friend throughout!! Liz is engaged to Gareth Luke's best man and is a teaching assistant at Endsleigh Primary School where Sarah went many moons ago!

Alice Taylor and Lottie Taylor

Alice and Lottie are our nieces and the daughters of Luke's sister Wanda and her husband Lee. Alice is 6 and Lottie is 4 and they are both very excited about being bridesmaids!

Gareth Jones

Gareth met Luke at University and they have been freinds ever since. They lived together for many years and he knows all there is to know about Luke. Needless to say Luke is very nervous about Gareth's speech...

Jethro Shearring

Jethro worked with Luke at Hull City AFC but has recently left to travel the world! Luckily he'll be back for a visit for the wedding! Jethro and Luke definitely share the same sense of humour.

Brendon Smurthwaite

Brendon met Luke when they worked together at Hull City AFC. Brendon now works for Hull KR but is a loyal Hull FC fan through and through!

Matthew Evans

Sarah first met Matt when they lived in the same block at University - Nicholson C! Matt is one of the cleverest people Luke and Sarah know and they never want to be on an opposing quiz team to him! Matt is married to Hannah, Sarah's maid of honour and became a dad for the first time to baby Mila on 4th October 2012. Matt works as a Primary School teacher so has a few tricks up his sleeve ready for becoming a parent!